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PRSA Silicon Valley in 2012 – Programs Designed for Silicon Valley’s Trusted Advisors

By Vanessa Yanez, PRSA Silicon Valley President

My name is Vanessa Yanez and this is my inaugural blog as President of PRSA Silicon Valley. Let’s talk about good PR.

Whether we agree or not on what the definition of public relations should be, we all, as public relations pros, “know it when we see it” – to quote a famous Supreme Court ruling. Or, rather, we see it when it is well done.

Influencer relations and engagement are today’s game. PR has more constituencies, opportunities and tools than ever and we’re not afraid to partner with non-traditional allies in the ad world.

Public relations in Silicon Valley has always been defined by agility and opportunism. Those two qualities are more valuable than ever before, thanks to the information explosion – news, defined and redefined, comes at us faster and in larger quantities.

Trusted advisors make sense of it all, while positioning, aligning and storytelling through new mediums. So, what is PRSA Silicon Valley doing to lift its members to new levels?

Since the 50’s, PRSA Silicon Valley’s community efforts have included research, discussion and study of the problems and techniques of the profession. In that spirit, I’m pleased to share with you plans on tap for 2012 and 2013. If you’d like to get involved, click links to send direct messages.

•    The Blockbuster/Inside the Newsroom series starts June 12, running through 2013: WIRED, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek (just confirmed for June), and VentureBeat are lined-up. Matt Ceniceros, Media Relations Director, Applied Materials @mattceni
•    Senior Leaders events are engaging the cream of the Valley PR community. Dinners are invite-only and quarterly. David McCulloch, Public Relations Director, Cisco Systems @DavidMcCulloch
•    Professional development workshops on ethics and crisis communications. Upcoming sessions in July and August. David Vossbrink, Director of Communications, City of San Jose
•    The 2012 PRSA National Convention is coming to the Bay Area. Our PRSA Silicon Valley delegation is preparing and partnering with the PRSA San Francisco chapter for the coming 2012 convention. Clark Hsu, Edelman @clarkhsu23
•    Mentorship program – Young Professionals group. Mar Junge, Principal & Founder, c3PR @c3PR
•    Signature Event – MEDIA PREDICTS: 2013. Paula Dunne, President & CEO, Contos Dunne Communications @BRAND_BUILDPWR
As the new president of the Silicon Valley chapter of the PRSA, I’m here to tell you: get excited! Follow me and our board on Twitter and check back soon for our bi-weekly contributed series.

Vanessa Yanez
President — PRSA Silicon Valley