Media Predicts Panel Highlights

prsasiliconvalleymediapredicts08panel.jpg filmed the entire panel and plans to post it to their site in the coming days. And you can click on the links below to see what some other people had to say about the panel presentation. But here’s a recap of my notes:

  • Kara Swisher: everyone is going to have an online presence — that will just be part of life; I haven’t read a newspaper [in print form] in years; the big story in 2008 will be the recession
  • Don Clark: virtualization is coming to the desktop
  • Kara’s quote of the night: “How is Yahoo going to get up off its sorry ass?” She added that she didn’t mean the company didn’t have millions of users and lots of great services, but that it didn’t seem to have a lot of excitement and momentum surrounding it
  • Jim Goldman: yes there will be a U.S. recession, but not necessarily a global one, and so the effect on Silicon Valley may be limited, since 75% of sales are now coming from outside the U.S.
  • Don: yes, but will the U.S. malaise spread to other economies?
  • Victoria Barret: regarding Silicon Valley’s role in developing cleantech: we’ll save the world if we can do it profitably

2008-specific predictions:

  • Robert Scoble: publishing video directly from cell phone to web
  • Don Clark: some Second Life companies will go away
  • Jim Goldman: Yahoo gets acquired or takes a significant investment from Abu Dhabi
  • Victoria Barret: lots of acquisitions and consolidation
  • Rob Hof: if the credit crunch continues, it will spread to tech and more tech companies will go into the dead pool
  • Kara Swisher: Increased political grandstanding in this election year about online privacy issues, online pedophilia

What do your viewers/readers care about?

  • Jim Goldman: people who watch our network want to know what’s happening with your companies as early as possible
  • Victoria: visually arresting, counter-intuitive stories. We are interested in stories with at least 2 of the following: conflict, drama and struggle

[Posted by Jon Greer, PRSA Silicon Valley board member]


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